DevOps ASEAN Day 2021

Starting Time 08:30
End Time 11:30
By DevOps Indonesia

08 July 2021

Education & Training

We are proud to be a community supporter of Splunk DevOps ASEAN Day 2021! This virtual event is designed to bring you an educational experience to learn about the latest in software development and IT operations, increase developer productivity, create better user experiences and reduce operational uncertainty. You will also have a chance to see live demonstrations from our technologists.

You will learn about:
• Kubernetes
• Open Telemetry
• Digital Experience Monitoring
• DevSecOps
• Microservices
• Observability
• Application Performance Monitoring

Whether you are a novice or an experienced IT and DevOps practitioner, you will find something new to learn at Splunk DevOps ASEAN Day 2021.

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