UPSkill: Intro to Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Starting Time 19:00
End Time 21:00

03 January 2022

Digital Marketing

Day 1: 

Get to know Vokraf UPPrenticeship (Senin, 3 Januari 2022)
Speaker: Mahatma Waskitadi - CPO @ Vokraf

Key discussion:
- The current & future of digital marketing landscapes
- How to jumpstart your career in digital marketing industry

Day 2:

All There is To Know About Digital Marketing Scene (Selasa, 4 Januari 2022)
Speaker: Mahatma Waskitadi - CPO @ Vokraf

Key Discussion:
- Understand the essence of marketing
- Why brands shift to digital marketing
- Do you really need digital marketing?

Day 3&4: 

Social Media Marketing Workshop (Rabu - Kamis, 5 - 6 Januari 2022)
Speaker: Flavia Hansa & Reza Wardhana - Learning Designer @Vokraf

Key Discussion:
- Social Media Marketing 101
- Tips on optimizing your social media content

- Workshop: Creating Engaging Contents Through The Right User Persona

Day 5: 

Career Planning with Design Thinking (Jumat, 7 Januari 2022)
Speaker: Reza Permana - VP of Product @ Vokraf

Key discussion:
- Empathizing with yourself: understand your interests and potentials
- Optimize your life: map opportunities and make action plan
- Workshop: using empathy map to solve career problems

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